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Thread: Puzzled And Getting A Little Pissed

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    Had Kazaa-lite a couple of weeks now, can't complain I've d'loaded some good stuff. Not as much as I would have liked but hey it's free.

    However, right from the start and especially the last four/five days I'm leaving the 'puter running all day or overnight waiting to d'load about a CD's worth of mp3's (no more, don't wanna be a greedy bastard) and at the end of the day I'm lucky to get a handfull of tracks. They seem to be forever searching/more sources needed etc'. As of today after fifteen hours online (broadband) I've managed to d'load about five individual tracks, and I'm not talking about rare/obscure stuff either.

    Meanwhile, the uploaders are er.............uploading my stuff with great success, which I'm trying to be pleased about as that's what its all about right?

    However, I would estimate that I'm giving about 2/3 times the amount I'm getting. I get up in the morn' check the situation find I've d'loaded nothing and then scroll thro' a list a mile long of uploaded stuff. As I type there are 18 completed uploads on my screen (I've deleted the uploads list about five times today) and of about 20 downloads that I've had onscreen all day I've d'loaded about six (cap'n beefheart/zero 7/ joni mitchell)

    Any advice? Is there anything I'm not doing right?

    As I said I'm trying not to get irritated by this as its costing me nowt' (unless my ISP has something to say)

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    What rate are your downloads going at and what rate are the uploaders at?

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    You aren't actually supplying all of those files, just parts of them. It's a many to one system. So people get some chunks from you and some from other people. So you may only supply a tenth of the entire file. Sometimes you may supply it all. It just depends on who else has it, who is on the same supernode as you etc.

    If you want to compare your uploads to downloads you can use something like DU meter. Which will measure it for you. That will show you exactly what is happening.

    If people are uploading from you all the time then you must be sharing a lot of popular files. Good man, keep up the good work.

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    Cheers guys.

    I know I'm not being robbed and aren't supplying the entire planet with mp3's, and that there's no world wide conspiracy against me, but I can't see why the up/download situ' is consistently negative.

    Where do I get DU meter?

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    Thanks, got it.

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    Originally posted by miggy@9 March 2003 - 00:18
    Thanks, got it.
    You will be able to get a keygen or crack to remove any restrictions, if you need it.

    Welcome by the way. You seem to be a right thinking sort of dude. I hope you will enjoy it here.

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    Seems to be working OK and showing a upload rate many times higher than download.

    I've had a few beers from the fridge and aren't totally sober at present and so will take a closer look tommorrow.

    In the meantime any usefull info' or tips on settings etc would be appreciated.

    P.S. A computer genius I ain't.

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    A brief update.

    Up/downloaded today: 19.37/1.29mb. I would say that this is about a normal rate of exchange.

    Jesus! I wouldn't mind a slightly more equal exchange rate.

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    The files you are looking to download, are they from hashes or are you using the search feaure? Hashes are not the quickest way to find things.

    Play around with Auto Search More. It is a good tool for building a lot of sources for individual files.

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