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Thread: Firewall To Run With Adsl And A Home Network

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    until now i have resisted the need for a firewall as i am aware of the difficulties firewalls can give to file sharing ect, plus i have a home network with 5 comps, and the last time i tried a firewall i couldnt figure out how to config it so itdidnt block the other comps

    my network is as follows

    adsl modem connects to my comp via ethernet

    a second ethernet card in my comp connects to my 100mb 5 port switch, and all the other comps connect to this switch

    so if you run a similar system and use a firewall, or if ya know what to use and which is best plz advise me as i dont wanna go through the same crap as last time

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    someone must have an idea plz

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    pick any firewall you like

    zonealarm might be good if you have not used one before. I still like outpost. Just make sure you add the ip adresses of all the computers on your internal network to the safe list.


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