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Thread: Project Igi 2

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    I'm having a problem installing when it comes to disk 2 there's a fault on multiplayer section and it says Install Failed. Is there a program I can use to repair files. O yea I've tried burning with nero extracting with Winiso and useing Virtual Daemon. Please please help dying to play this game.

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    Come on people HELP ME.

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    IGI2 is shit. Looks like a fucking demo for a bad game
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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    unfortunately it sounds like you have a corrupted copy.wich happens WAY too often on the fast track net can take another shot at it and download it again,or you could use emule to download a good copy.
    emule has a corruption scanner that scans for corrupted parts and redownloads those parts so the end result is a good copy
    you can get emule here
    emule plus
    or try downloading cd mage.It MAY be able to fix your files but its highly unlikely.I would go with emule
    cd mage

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    Originally posted by -=Hellfire=-@9 March 2003 - 14:47
    IGI2 is shit. Looks like a fucking demo for a bad game.
    Thanks for the detailed review.

    Thanks Master YodaX will try.


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