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Thread: Another Comp Question

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    Hey everyone. Recently I posted a topic about the fact that I had a trojan called justin on my comp. I got a fully upgraded Trojan Remover program, which found it on ISNSYS.dll. The program removed it. However, I am still being attacked frequently by trojans (though my firewall is blocking them). I thought the reason for this was the trojan file I had, but now that it is gone... why do these attacks continue?

    I have a feeling something must be wrong with my registry, but I don't know how to go about correcting it and no program im using has found it (Nortan, Trojan Remover, Spybot,etc) I noticed something funny, too that I wanted to ask about. There are a ton of processes running on my comp now, much more than I ever remember there being... and there are 4 instances of SVChost running at all times. I don't remember there being so many... could one of these be some kind of trojan signaler that is being run because of some malicious registry entry?

    Here's what it looks like:
    SVCHost.exe SYSTEM
    SVCHost.exe SYSTEM

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    I would read the relative security response on a site like the symantec alert site. This should give you some indication of what the trojan has done (like if it does edit the registry) and possibly how to fix it. Programs like registry mechanic may pick up on problems in the registry if they are there.

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    Check your firwall mate,or re-install or another .You're prob getting mis reading of some kind.Dont worry about so many svhost you will normally have 4-5 in task manager.Also try tds3. rember to update and read through it.

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    thanks for the help guys

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    Get RegSeeker that will help w/registry problems.


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