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Thread: Wierd Shutdown With Xp Sp2

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    Aug 2003
    I seem to have found a new 'feature' in service pack 2 beta for windows xp.

    you know when you click start>turn off computer and the box comes up that looks like this:

    and the screen around it goes to black and white?

    well here is what seems to happen with SP2:

    Image Resized
    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

    instead of black and white it just keeps going until it is pitch balck around teh turn off part. im not sure if this is intentional or a bug, but it sure was funny the first time i saw it. what do you guys think? a new SP2 'feature' or is it just a bug?

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    BETA !!! so you cannot guarantee it will be in the final


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