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Thread: Tv Card Software

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    does anyone have Winfast PVR? I had to reboot my comp and now I cant find the damn CD and we've moved since so i think its pretty much gone. So would any have it or any other software to work with a tv card? Thanks.
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    will this allow me to use my card as i did before? just lettin u know i have know trace of the program on my system at all.

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    downloaded it but just got at error when it got to 99% ??? anyone know of software for this card?

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    Mate have you tried other pvr software ,like intervideo ,cyberlink,,

    and virtualdub.

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    well all i want for is to hook up my vcr to my comp so i can record videos, any program that can do that will be fine

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    VirtualDub is the way to go, if you have LOTS of spare hard drive space and want to capture an extremely high bitrate AVI file (HuffyUV is a good codec for that) so you can convert it to DivX, XviD, DVD, VCD, etc. this will also allow you to apply filters like noise reduction during the conversion, which greatly improves the picture quality of analogue TV or VHS captures.

    Intervideo's WinDVR is pretty good for capturing straight to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 (i.e. VCD or SVCD format). the captures won't look quite as good as the other method, but it's a lot quicker & easier. it requires very little hard drive space, in comparison.

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    cool thanks, how do i capture a video tape using virtualdub? do i need any plugins or sumthin?

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    anyone know whats wrong? ive connected it but it just has a blank screen? Ive got an adapter connected to my vcr with the s-video cable from the adapter to my winfast 2000XP Deluxe card. is that the right way? i dont know whats wrong?

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    Is your Vcr set to av 1/video out or whatever it say's plus is your winfast set to video in just a thought.

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