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Thread: Voltage Switch

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    just got a new comp today im just wonderering the first instruction is to check the voltage switch to see if its on the right setting for me... but it dosnt say wich way to put it 115v or 230v .... and if i start it up on the wrong setting it says it can damage my comp, so wtf do i do?

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    emachine H2602 default it came at 115v with a sticker covering the 230v side, here are the exact instructions:

    A power supply is intagrated into your system to provide power to the mainboard, option cards. and peripheral devices. The power selection switch on the systems back panel can be used to set the power supply to operate at 115V or 230V.
    To verify that your system has the correct settings for your enviroment, check the voltage selection switch.

    if you set the voltage switch incorrectly, your system will be damaged. Make sure your system is set correctly for you location before turning on your computer.

    use a pen or small tool to slide the voltage selection switch to the correct voltage postion

    thats fucked up it dosnt say witch one to put it on?

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    and the thing im plugging my comp into powerbar or whatever here is the info

    input 115VAC, 60Hz, 15A, 1875W maximum
    output 115VAC, 15A, 1875W maximum

    after looking over this im pretty sure ive got it.... leave it at 115V cause V sants for VAC im hoping so am i right just leave it as is?

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    Mate unless you've built it yourself it'll be setup correctly and tested before it came to up.

    Just plug it in.

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    thanx but meanwhile i was just sitting there staring at it and i just had to plug it in but thanc anyway

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    in north america its 115v, i think in the UK, but I may be wrong, it is 230. pretty sure, i may be wrong. but if your in the US or canada leave it on 115 and starter up. if in UK try it with 230 and if it doesnt start youll know that its 115 and can then flick the switch and it will work.


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