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Thread: Dawn Of The Dead

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    I'm looking for a decent (actually anything playable) version of the 2004 Dawn of the Dead.. Every download I've gotten so far won't play (even one's that have an 'exellent' rating). There's like thousands out there. I'm kinda new to the technical stuff but I think my codecs are cool as far as I know....Anyone?

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    i am very interested in seeing the movie also. ive seen the original and hope this 1 as interesting. whats on line right now is as stated above, CRAP. so if any good soul finds 1 PLEASE post a link :helpsmile: :

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    Try searching next time. An active thread was on here yesterday regarding this movie...

    I don't believe it has even been released in the p2p community yet.

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    Thanks for the link Samurai, I missed that thread. Nice to know I'm not alone

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    jus found on klite

    file size 1-2 496307kb size from user @collateral damage

    2-2-496391kb size- same user

    the file did'nt have much info but it took me all this morning to find i dl everyone of those fake files till i got the real fuckin riaa

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    Cool! Any other good files are more than welcome. Thanks bujub22.

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    theres a couple of copies on but i hate the movie



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