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    I am operating K++ 2.1 on an xp home edition operating system through a dsl connection using an ethernet card (not through a modem). As I am on a DSL I leave my machine on all the time and have kept kazaa running constantly. I am having trouble with the program crashing. Since AOL periodically blocks p2p I am used to changing ports from 1214 to 6000 periodically. Since installing the new version I was crashing every 2 to 4 minutes (fixed this by disabling kazap-have maintained a connection since--approximately 1 hour).

    However, when I do crash as a result of AOL disabling p2p and try to change ports I get a message that I need to log on as a valid user. I have not changed my user name in over a year. I can change the port #, go to regedit, and call up the screen like I am going to edit my username and just hit enter and sometimes this works to allow the port to change but not all the time (roughly 50%). When this fails I exit k++ and reconnect. It will connect but with the original port I was using.

    Why am I getting this message to logon as a valid user ?

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    Oops, sorry guys ... the actual wording on the error message is "please specify a valid email address"

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    The email address option was removed because it was no longer needed. It's set to "user@kazaa.kazaa" on default. You could try to change the key in the registry to that and see if it works.


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