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Thread: Vcd(*.dat) Editing Help ? (please)

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    I have got about 300 Thai karoake VCD(*.dat) files that i want to edit the
    beginnings of.

    Now i can't use "Easy Video Splitter" as 2.01 does not support .dat files.

    "Windows Movie Maker" will do it but it will take forever, it splits 1 song into 15 parts which i then have to paste, edit the beginning, then wait 15 minutes for it to save it as a .wmv file which i then have to convert back into .mpg so i can play it in winamp ???

    I need a program with "fine" beginning editing like "Windows Movie Maker" & NOT like "Easy Video Splitter" which has only half a second increments.

    There must be a easier way?
    Any help?, What program?

    Maybe convert the whole lot of .dat to .mpg first then use "Easy Video Splitter" ?
    What's a good conversion program ?

    I need something quick & simple.
    Any USEFULL help would be appeciated !!!

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    VCDGear will turn that .dat into a .mpg. Makes it much easier to work with.

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    You could rename the dat extension to mpeg ,

    then use something like tmpg to edit.


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