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Thread: Can Anyonehelp Me With This Movie Problem

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    i cant usually download movies off the net cuz it just takes too long. i just rent them. (i have dial up)
    but i watch tech tv a lot and their resident hacker kevin rose had this pretty good tip techtv. it explains everything but when i try to use nero to burn it i get an error that the mpeg2 plugin needs to be installed. the problem is it tells me i need to purchase it first. is there anyway around converting the dvd first. oh and by the way i would be burning it to a cdr since i dont have a dvd burner. thanks for any help.
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    try to download the mpge2 plug in via kazaa lite. i have nero too i did downloaded from kazaa lite i did not come with the mpge 2 plug in,via kazaa lite i found this plug and installed now i can burn any media format.even via dial-up you can download this plug it wil probally take you 10 minutes for you

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    the correct answer is not to let nero encode your video
    use tmpgenc and have a look here on a proper way to encode with tmpgenc

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    Yea mate follow this guide ,maybe much could explain what the vafpi plugins n all settings are and mean,it would be a good addition to the guide ,

    n make it easier for ppl to sort out the problems themselves.


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