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Thread: Anybody Play A Guitar Round Here?

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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted some advice from those of u who play the guitar. I want to start and i am about to buy my first guitar. the thing is I do not know anything about giutars. I know I wanna buy an electric one so i can start picking up on some NIRVANA songs I tried to see online but there aren any good sites , huh? Plus I found some guitars but they are kinda expensive. I am looking to buy an electric one for about $100. Anybody got an idea or a recommendation ...


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    If I were to start over again, I'd pick up a Squier Affinity Telecaster.
    The Tele is THE classic solid body electric. You can get one for about $150.

    I currently have a made-in-USA '52 Tele reissue (about$800) and the Squier compares very well. Maximum bang for the buck for the beginner.

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    Well i have to admit that the only guitar i could play with any talent would be the air guitar
    However i have a few friends that play and they seem to be of the opinion that you should either go to a second hand store and buy a reasonable guitar or buy a cheap new one from say walmarts untill you find out if you are suited to play or is it just a passing phase. ( i went through this with my son )
    Also you have to remember that with an electric guitar you need an amplifier, which might not come with it.

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    Thanks Hartha !

    Yeah, the Squier Affinity Telecastersounds sounds like an option -- any idea where I should get it/guitars -- I've heard of Guitar Centers (or something like that) but I know they are way too expensive store.

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    Hey man... I don't play guitar.. but a couple things you may want to keep in mind.
    Get something comfortable. Strap it on and just try sitting down with it, and move it in all directions.. If if feels like it pinches anywhere or like its cutting in then its not for you... I know people who LOVE playing the Les Paul but complain that it cuts in just under the ribs.

    Also, you get what you pay for. So the 100 dollar model may not necessarily be the best one for you. If you lan to keep playing, buying a crappy model will more than likely hinder your playing style.

    But there is no substitute for the hands on approach. When I bought my first bass I really didnt know how to play and I was very nervous about displaying my lack of skill in the store when trying out my bass, so I quickly tried a bunch out, then grabbed the best looking one in my price range.... Well it turned out to be crap and I was pretty disappointed with what I got for the money I spent.

    So try em out.. Damn, try out every one in the store thats why they are all easily accessible. If you are concerned about your skill level (or lack thereof) you dont have to plug in. Stay unplugged and just strum, get someone to show you a chord if you dont know one, and move that chord up and down the neck to see if the neck causes you any reach difficulties. Then just select the one that feels most comfortable

    Brand names are usually the way to go.. Most manufacturers will put out several models, so its usually a good bet that you will find something that works for you. In any event, if you are going to purchase a guitar dont just get something because you can get it cheap, obviously you are going to have a particular budget, and you dont have to buy the top of the line, but dont go to the bottom of the barrel either.

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    Originally posted by KurtCocain@16 March 2004 - 21:07
    Thanks Hartha !

    Yeah, the Squier Affinity Telecastersounds sounds like an option -- any idea where I should get it/guitars -- I've heard of Guitar Centers (or something like that) but I know they are way too expensive store.
    I've bought a few guitars from Guitar Center. You actually can get a pretty decent deal there. Just remember: you can negotiate the price (it took me a while to realize this ). It's a great place to try out a lot of guitars BTW.

    I would stay clear of department store guitars. They're not any cheaper than name-brand entry level guitars, and they fall apart in 2 weeks.

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    I have played the guitar for two years. Prsonally, I would try and pick up a Yamaha Pacifica. Go to any guitar forum and ask them of their opinions on the pacifica and they will tell you its a fantastic, solid, great sounding guitar for the money.

    The tele is a great guitar but I doubt the singlecoil will have enough grunt to accuratley re-create the thick Nirvana sound.

    The bridge humbucker of the Pacifica should be perfect for distorted Nirvana leads and rhythms.

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    Try Jonno. You will probably find him guilty though.
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    If you're totally new to it, you may not be certain that you want to play, some places do a monthly rental thing, you may like to try renting one for a couple months and see how you like it.

    Or if you're going straight into buying one, pacifica do decent cheap beginner guitars

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    Originally posted by bigboab@16 March 2004 - 21:41
    Try Jonno. You will probably find him guilty though.

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