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Thread: Verified Downloads Site (k-lite)

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    i need help with verified downloads site, i use k-lite-2.0.3 or what the new one is. i go to kazaa web-verified downloads-kazaalite, click verified downloads, then the fun begins. i read the instructions,clicked on the file i wanted, then was sent to the instruction page again,and again,and afriggingain!!!, any help anyone?

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    i also have this problem?????

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    Do you have KaZaA running when you click on the link?

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    Those verified links only work if you visit the site with the internal browser of Kazaa Lite.

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    i have just tried that and it just opens a new explorer window?? no download starts in the traffic section?? any more help you can give?

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    did that merlin, dont understand exactly-use from kazaa internal browser-see kazaa is running at that point. do i pause all other d/l,u/l activity or...?

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    The point is that uses Kazaa's native hash format, which only works from inside Kazaa's own browser.

    Make sure your Internet Explorer is set to open link in the current window and not in a new window.

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    thanks paul, this may sound stupid but how do i do this?

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    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=7]Hi there.......

    [SIZE=1]I was having the same problem trying to download off that site as well.

    Do you have a firewall running (ie Norton Personal Firewall) as I disabled mine and when I tried again it worked perfect.

    Just remember to turn your firewall back on as soon as file goes into your traffic on Kazaa

    Hopes this helps B)

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    onya necman, disabled norton. now it works like a charm

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