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Thread: Need Advice Please

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    Hi all. Im not sure what to look for and I was hoping someone could help out. I need to print out a fire escape plan for a building. Could someone recommend a user friendly program that would do that job? It doesnt have to be highly detailed, just the basics. Thanks much for your help. Markil

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    I am thinking that just about any architectural program will suffice. I mean, you could in a sense, draw a floor plan relatively easy with just about any graphics program. Though given the nature of your project, and I were in your shoes, I might just turn to astalavista and type "architecture" into the search engine to see what spits out so far as keygens or cracks. This, IMO, might give you a relatively accurate idea of what other designers are using. From there I might download a crack or two then look for the software itself on a P2P network.

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    I had started to look just before i posted here, but I was hoping someone might have done something similar. Ill chk out vista and see what gives. Thanks

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    i used autoCAD to design teh layout for my basement. probably the completely wrong use for that program but it worked out pretty well.

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    That works too.

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    Originally posted by haxor41789@17 March 2004 - 00:18
    That works too.
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    3d floor plan

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