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Thread: Azureus Out

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    well...Azureus out is out now

    and azureus updates are out fast


    WebUI plugin included in mainline (see
    Much more reliable SF mirror auto-update handling
    Corrected bugs:

    Fix for loading [torrent files are not allowed] files via web-browser/shell/doubleclick/etc

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    azureues is becoming shadows

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    edit your webui link. It has a ")" inside the link.
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    hi all guys i ve been looking for bittorrent clients for days and now i m with azureus I am new at bittoorent thing, i see most of you saying you download up to 200kb or more a sec i got cable i live in australia which my internet speed can go upto 512kb,

    here is a pic of my azureus

    Image Resized
    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

    it seems ive uploading more then downloading here in azureus i am uploading less then shadow i use to have shadow and i was uploading up to 20kb and only downloading up to 6kb today when i check on shadows i saw i downloaded 20mb and uploaded 46mb thats why i changed to azureus,

    but my point how can i get the speed up. And since i am new can you plz tell me how should i make my settings of azurues if passable


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    If you look at the color of the smilies, you&#39;ll notice that they&#39;re yellow.

    This indicates that you&#39;re behind a router, NAT or using Internet Connection Sharing.

    You&#39;ll need to forward port 6881 to get full speeds with Azureus or any other bittorrent program. Look in the Tips&Tricks section in this forum about how you can do this.
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    I trying to find where it says forward port in Tips forum but i cant find it can you plz post the lik where it take me to the topic of forward port somthing that will help, I think it is NAT problem in azureus when i trying to test port 6881 I get NAt error i tryed 6889, 6882, 6885, 6999 but it didnt work

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