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Thread: Steve O

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    Hey guys... I was wondering if some 1 had Steve O Don't try this at home volume 1 2 and 3? You see my little bro likes stevo but sadly only has a few months to live... it would make his day if he could see these movies...

    Please if u have them have a heart and post them...


    From Shane
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    Sorry to hear botu that pal

    Use irc. Go to, type in steve o, or dont try this at home, and itll come up with loads of offers. i would imagine there all over bittorent aswell (use, and use the search function to find the torrents).

    this really will be your quickest way of doing it, unless someone already has them and can make hashes for you. if someone does make the hashes for you, then it mite be good to get their supernode aswell, i doubt theyll be that many sources on kazaa.

    hope that helps

    all the best
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    ohhh thanks dude... i just hope someone has the hashes for kazaa because irc doesn&#39;t like me... it says the people r online but then when i past in the hash thingy it says user unknown... i prefer kazaa... i wanna keep some people here...


    from Shane
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    no probs pal.

    if you dont like irc, maybe try bittorent. if you get abc, then you can leave it in the background like kazaa and films download easily. give it a go

    and hopefully someone will have the files, or know someone who has and post em here soonber or later

    and if you need any help with it, let me know, ill do me best

    al the best with it
    <span style='color:red'>&quot;a favour wil kill you faster than a bullet...........&quot;</span>

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    Give me a couple of hours and I&#39;ll have them for you
    Vol.1 and Vol.3 that is.
    I&#39;ll see if I can get a hold of Vol.2 also.

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    Here&#39;s what I can give you:


    [dohtml]File:steve-o - dont try this at home [divx].avi
    Length:649447840 Bytes, 634226KB
    UUHash:=+AGTrJro7dpKBGaO+sSp1SOiTcM= [/dohtml]

    Bonus footage Vol.1 ("The career ender"):

    [dohtml]File:steve-o - the career ender.mpg
    Length:224403116 Bytes, 219143KB
    UUHash:=9z2Y6VIcDjtnEb5p828kp3VHV88= [/dohtml]

    There are some copies of vol2 and 3 on k-lite but the sources for it are very poor :
    Type in &#39;steve o&#39; in the searchfield and you&#39;ll find them there.

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    Ohhh god bless you all... i would like to personaly like to thank each and everyone of you... Even though this earth has gone to hell it&#39;s still great to know that there are a few of u guys that truly care about other people....

    Thanks heaps... i told my bro and his face lit up... it made my week just seeing his smile...

    Thanks again

    From Shane
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    Go to then Movies - Comedy and these are on there someone here may have done it for you.

    Steve-O-Pcp.Saved.My.Life(avi) 179 Mb DVD-rip
    Steve-O.Vol.2-The.Live.Tour-SVCD(ISO) 813 Mb DVD-rip
    Steve-O.Volume.1(mpg-1) 329 Mb DVD-rip
    Steve-O: Don&#39;t Try This At Home..Out on Bail 895 Mb Dvd-rip

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    Hey guys.. thanks... supernova is piussen me off... i have abc and i&#39;m lucky 2 get 2kbs... i prefer to use kazaa... i have part 1 of don&#39;t try this at home and my bro loves it he&#39;s watched it over and over again... please if anyone else has part 2 and part 3... i even heard there is a part 4 out there but 2 and 3 would be great...

    My bro thanks all for there help...

    he&#39;s doing better. Doctors say he has a few weeks in him so thats good... 2 months ago the doctors said he would be dead in a week... he&#39;s a fighter just like Steve O...

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    For part 3 just open k-lite and type in steve-o out on bail in the searchfield.
    The size is 706550Kb.I can&#39;t give you a hash for it &#39;cause I&#39;m still in the middle of downloading it myself.But i already previewed it and it&#39;s the real file

    Part 2 is going to be more difficult to get i&#39;m afraid because it only has 2 sources.
    But you can always give it a try.

    And since your brother likes the Steve-O movies maybe he will enjoy the camp kill yourself movies as well B) There are 4 movies of CKY all with the crew from Jackass but I&#39;m not too sure if Steve-o is in them too though.
    They&#39;re pretty much the same as the stevo-movies,maybe just not as wacko as steve&#39;s though ...but surely worth the download.

    Anywayz i posted all 4 of them a while back ago and they all have good sources so you&#39;ll have them dl&#39;ed in no time

    You can find them here.
    CKY2 is my personal favourite,specially Brandon&#39;s freestyle rap

    And wish your brother the best from me


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