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Thread: Tmpgenc Problem After Divx Repair

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    Followed Muchspl2's guide on converting avi to mpg, but after I run divxrepair, tmpgnc will not open the file - (??????avi.repair_ok.avi cannot open, or unsupported ). anybody got any ideas?

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    I really like videofixer
    and did you set your vafpi settings in tmpgenc like in the thread

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    Yeah, set the vfapi as per the thread. I shall try the other prog later. trying last samurai at the mo with divxrepair to see if it was the avi that was at fault first. first film i tried was kill bill, but after divxrepair, couldn't open the original kill bill either. Shall let you know how i get on!

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    yea doesn't sound like a coincidence
    I have had divx repair tell me all is well (no problems) then encode and had a sync issue, rescanned the original with video fixer and it found bad frames, so never went back B)

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    Any cracks or s/n's required for video fixer ?

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    let me know if you can't find one before your trail is up (30 days I think) pretty sure still have it somewhere

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    Just finished downloading it, shall install later on and give it a whirl. Thanks for the info it is very much appreciated. Hopefuly I can be sorting vids out very soon. Shall be in touch.

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    Tried divxrepair, on last samurai - no faults. Tried with video fixer - guess what? it found faults! encoding with tmpgenc now! Only ten days trial period with video fixer, be looking for crack soon, seems quite tidy little prog for fixing though, I shall try this a few times. Be back in touch when I have converted last samurai and burned to dvd. Cheers!

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    Last Samurai - spot on! no probs with sound at all. Thanks very much. Now for a crack for video fixer.

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    You shouldnt rely on just one tool for movie conversion (from avi to mpeg). try to get hold of cucusoft as a back up converter.

    You may come across a movie that tmpgenc simply can't convert even with the vfapi adjustments and video fixing. I've had this happen before.

    Tmpgenc also creates sync probs sometimes that cannot be fixed by removing the bad frames. I managed to fix that problem with cucusoft.

    Different software have different ways to process the files, cucusoft is much slower but its very thorough. It is ideal for when all else fails.

    Tmpgenc is ideal as the primary converter as it will convert about 95 % of all files (with setting adjustments) without a hitch. It's also quicker than most others.

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