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Thread: Meta Tags (any Use?)

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    I was wondering whether you should put meta tags on every page you make or just on the main index page? Do search engines still use these tags (Google doesn't appear to) and does it increase the placing of your site in the listings if you do include tags? Should you tailor every page's meta tags for their content or just use one throughout the site?

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    its a good idea to use them, like when you write code in any language, you still preserve whitespace formating and redundant tag attributes, like does everybody really use cascadings and no tag attributes? nah do they buggery, its likely to add nano seconds to loading time so do it for safety, just cause google doesn't display your meta i don't mean it doesn't spider it - don't for get you robots file too

    example for ya

    User-agent: *
    save it as robots.txt in the root, according to my log files, google bots love to eat these, this example basically says:

    yeah come in, whoever you are
    sorry we disallow nobody

    you get the idea, run a google for robots.txt examples or something to find more (tho you don't need it) but if you have low security restricted pages, ie: hotlinkable, you need to setup the "FollowLinks=all" option or something like that so it stops cache building (the google or w/e bot) when it lands on secret pages....


    if your doing dynamic stuff you'll be ok tho i should think (ed: security spidering wise) , oh and its probably an idea not to have "mailto:name@balbla.void" as i have recently discovered you will get spam pwnd, not nice if you run a double figure domain mx

    ed: if you need anymore help lmk
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    Some meta-content, like content-type and content-disposition are better sent through HTTP headers.

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    i would say u should still use them,some search engines do still use them


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