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Thread: Mega Codec Pack Problem

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    first off i installed and when i tried to play a xvid file it said it needed a program called avinfo then i looked in the readme file and found out that you need to uninstall all real and quicktime players. then i uninstalled codec pack and tried to install it again then when it was installing it said rolling back changes then the installation window disappeard. please somebody help me.

    EDIT: i found out that the rolling back is occured by a error caused by a file named pncart.dll in the system 32 folder.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO???????????????????

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    >format -c

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    Is the dll missing in the system 32 folder?
    Is the name of the dll PNCRT.DLL instead of pncart.dll?
    You can try downloading the missing dll from here and put it in the system 32 folder. I don't know if that dll needs to be registered or not.

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    pncrt.dll is a component of the realmedia codecs

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    ok try this , uninstall the codec pack , and this time , reinstall it , but go to the options in the install section and only choose the codec,s you need , usualy these are the xvid and divx ones , and unselect the rest

    this should stop the conflict

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    thanks for the help guys and i got the problem fixed by not selecting the realmedia codecs that dont really need. man i was scared like hell thinking that i wouldnt be able to not get the codecs fixed. thanks again.


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