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Thread: Avi/mpeg To Dvd+r

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    I have loads of downloaded movies but when i try & put alot of them onto dvd, they dont fit!
    I have Sonic DVD & its good, easy to use, i tried dvd shrink but found it quite complicated (even with guides), i also have cucusoft avi to dvd convertor but still cant do it,

    Can anyone out there help, im sure theres a few people have been in the same boat!!!!

    any help please people

    Thanks in advance :guinesssmile:
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    Hey yo i know what you mean
    Itried several programms and i get a lot of glitches even though i have watched the avi preview and it is perfect so if anyone could help then it would clear a lot of confusion.

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    Go have a look here (Thanks to Muchspl2)

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    Originally posted by rf9rider@20 March 2004 - 01:51

    Go have a look here (Thanks to Muchspl2)
    rf thats a kvcd which is great quality but not dvd quality.

    guys if you want kvcd which is real good quality then follow rf's link.

    for info on dvd go the the mother of all burning info here at dvd help

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    you could just do what i did and buy a dvd player that plays .avi files straight from cd (or dvd - fitted 6 movies onto a dvd-rw...sweeeeet) brilliantly!!

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    If you wish to put AVIs onto DVD-Vs, you have to convert them to MPEG-2. During the conversion, there is a guaranteed loss of quality! For this, just use TMPGEnc, then use Nero (6&#33 to burn.

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    i tried this amarjit, but got a audio error when tryin to burn to nero for some reason, will keep tryin though

    thanks for the help though
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    Have tried this again amarjit, an i think its worked,
    will find out once its finished

    but thanks for the help mate, appreciate it

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    tried it mate. but got no sound, so back to square one again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    if the audio is encoded with ac3 you need to strip it out of the avi b4 converting to mpeg then re join it with tmpgenc author and then burn it

    use gspot to find out what codec,s are used in the audio and video first b4 attempting conversion

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