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Thread: Supernodes

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    How do use use supernodes, ive got a decent pc, BB connection how do i become a supernode instead of using them,
    or am i getting it all wrong????? :guinesssmile:
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    You can enable being a supernode if you wish unless of course you are behind a NAT router(in which case you'd need to use KaNat) but im assuming you are talking about using KaZuperNodes, it is pretty self explanatory you just localize the list and check the status and chhose whichever you want to connect to ALSO another gr8 feature is you can get the list of 'nodes for a file you are trying to dload and connect to them. You can be a supernode _ the more the merrier_ but I believe that it is disabled by default in Klite
    There should be a FAQ in the toolbar of KaZuperNodes or at least a link to one that will go into greater detail about the functions when all else fails RTFM
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    when i first start kazaa lite it always starts on a supernode that is yello and not green

    then i have to search and select a node that is good

    is there any what to tell kazaa to only connect to the green ndes ect

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    Originally posted by delphin460@23 March 2004 - 10:01
    is there any what to tell kazaa to only connect to the green ndes ect
    I don't think so.
    it's the same for me,i also start of with a client(yellow) instead of a node(green)
    Best thing to do is to open zupernodes straight away when starting k-lite and get yourself connected to a node(green).
    Actually,I just leave it as it is and i'll only open zupernodes or jump nodes in the filemenu when i see i'm constantly in queue...but that happens rarely for me.


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