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Thread: Dawn Of The Dead

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    i can download things on kazaa dont get me wrong but, when i try to download
    any dawn of the dead moviess, it says out of resourses? when theres like 130 users that have it?
    if any one can try download it for a few secs and tell me if it works for them?

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    sometimes the source count is irrelevant, maybe not one of those 150 sources are sharing (youl be bloody unlucky if that really was the case tho&#33

    and people have ogtta learn to search this forum! theres been loads of posts about this already.

    basically theres no decent copies out yet. it opens in the uk on thurs, so expect at leat a cam/ts copy pretty soon.

    if you want to check for urself what copies are out of what, use

    they are very quick bout updating, and you can normally see a jpeg of the copy, and read reviews bout the quality of it in general. i find iut bloody useful anyway.

    hope that helps
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    Yep thats great man thanks alot, thats some useful information, which i can use in the future to, many thanks.


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