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    Hi! I've just installed 007 Night Fire and MOHAA. After instalation when I try to start game I've goot message "Insert right CD-ROM". Same for both games.
    Did any get this problem and how you resolve it? Thank you.

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    Probably something to do with copy-protection. Try here to get some patches.

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    Daemon tools might work

    Edit: sorry, if you meant ripped versions use MagicNakor's link or

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    Ok if they are ISO or .bin files have a look on the cd either after burning or with daemon tools, and have a look for a crack folder, if you find one of these just go in and cut and paste the .exe application file into the games install directory. it will ask if you want to replace the existing one, click yes, and after that the game should work properly.

    if it is a .exe file then have a look in the folder it extracted to and have a look for a .nfo file, open this with notepad and it should have info on istalling the game and if the game needs a nocd crack, becareful with these though as a lot contain viruses and trojans and not a lot of virus software catches both of these, i use trojan remover and norton antivirus which i use to scan the crack before i open it, ive found a lot of nast trojans that way with trojan remover that norton missed in the download of the file.

    hope this helps



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