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Thread: Hitman2 Problems Solved..

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    First of I'm a newbie my self so use the info provided at your own risk
    OK I downloaded many .exe's for this game(yes from the verifieds) only to get some kind of error like "streams.wave not found blah blah blah"....etc.

    But that did not damper the spirit as i decided to download my first .bin file.
    here it is(from this forum)


    Length:647430336 Bytes,632256KB

    So, I get the file now how the hell do i open this thing?? answer quite simple thanks to king john read on here:

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    Why do you have two topics exactly the same?

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    Originally posted by Blackfire50@9 March 2003 - 08:31
    Why do you have two topics exactly the same?
    MOds delete my 2 earlier posts if you can just leave the dummies one.
    god damn browser(or myself&#33


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