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    As soon as someone gets a file of Haggard, will they please let me know? i have been waiting for this film for a year, and it may not even get released here in the UK. if you dont know, Haggard is a film by Bam Margera starring the CKY crew, go here for more info

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    anyone got more on this yet? i think its comin out in the u.s. soon

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    i can't wait, they keep pushing back the release date. It premiered back in August, so it's gotta leak out on the web sometime.

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    Last I heard was sometime in May, I hope that sticks. I've been waiting on it forever.

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    as soon as someone gets any more info pls tell me.

    File:Haggard Trailer.WMV
    Length:3528951 Bytes,3446KB

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    Ho ho ho

    Don't expect Haggard for at least another 6 months

    I'm on the bamargera message board (BMMB), i know these things

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    man haggard looks sweet

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    HAGGARD IS OUT .........NO?


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