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Thread: Sending A File To An Ip

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    if i want to send a file to a specific there any prog for that????

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    An FTP client would do that but you have to have an FTP server at the other end.

    If your trying to swap files with a specific person at that address then maybe you need to be both running some I.M. client that'll cope with file send/receive.


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    just get bulletproof ftp server of kazaa its been on the verifieds before not sure if it still is, and there is a tutorial on how to det it up properly by razz in the lounge, its a sticky a the top of the page.

    good luck.

    ive had mine det up for 6-8 months now and its great for aharing between your friends as you can set up user accounts which need passwords and you can see ecxactly who is in and uploading/downloading.

    also if you set one up you friend can get in using internet explorer but i find this realy slow, so your best bet is a client, the best one and its free you can get from

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    nah i just need a prog that sends a file to a ip i type in i dont want to use an ftp or something


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