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Thread: I Want A Amd Fx 51 , But I Aint Paying That Much

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    ok so im looking for a new rig and im going down the road of the 64 bit amd series , but i just got quoted like $1350 australian for a fx-51, and there is no way in hell im paying over a grand for any cpu, when i know in 6 months time it gunna be half that price

    im gunna get the mobo GA-K8NNXP-940 by gygabite, and get a gig of dual ram ect

    but what im wondering is , maybe can i get a cheaper chip for now , something like a 2500 prescot, and make it work in that mobo, and then get the fx-51 later when its not costing me an arm and a leg

    argh , i just read this mobo only supports the fx and opteron series

    so any ideas on what i can do , or is it just hold on to my cash for 6 months, lol you know what its like if i do that i might just spend it on something else and that would never do lol

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    Well BTX and PCI Expresss and New cards are coming out, so I wouldnt build one right now anyway. Wait a little while, untill those things come out.
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    try ebay


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