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Thread: What Happened To 3do/new World Computing

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    Can anyone explain (give the 'skinny' on) the 3DO crap? I'm kinda pissed as I've given years of my life to their games.

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    they went bankrupt in 2003, i believe. who knows if trip hawkins will ever be able to revive the brand, since we all know how passionate he was about his company-- it was his baby. they had to sell off all of their assets, i guess to cover some of their debts.

    the bankruptcy prolly had a lot to do with them trying to coast on franchises like Army Men, High Heat Baseball, and Might & Magic for way too long. the consumer market is fickle, and they didn't have any new 3DO stuff to offer, when people got bored of the old 3DO stuff.

    As many of you know by now, 3DO went bankrupt earlier this May. To help raise money to pay off its outstanding debts, the company decided to sell off its assets, most of which were its key game franchises and licenses. Many companies were interested in some of 3DOs more infamous brand names, and a list of who got what and for how much can be seen below.

    Namco - Street Racing Syndicate ($1.5 million)
    Ubi Soft - Heroes of Might and Magic ($1.3 million)
    Crave - Army Men ($750k)
    Microsoft - High Heat Baseball ($450k)
    JoWooD (Austria) - Jacked ($90k)

    In addition, ex-3DO CEO Trip Hawkins was interested in some of his company's older titles (those released before 2001), for which he purchased for $200,000. The Cubix license was also available in the auction, and although no winning bid has been reported as of yet, 4kids Productions is likely the winner, as they were the only bidder for it. In all, the auction raised $4.6 million for 3DO's bankruptcy efforts.

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    isnt 3DO that game system were you put your eyes up to those goggles and they shows all those red lines? Doesnt that give you back pain after awhile?

    Heh, i hope they dont make virtual reality goggles for 3D PC games of today, because if they freeze/crash after a long time, you will feel a cold chill down your spine or something. The same goes for virtual porn, heh i saw a movie were this guy was having this 100% realistic sex and all the sudden the damn thing froze! I yelled,"Hahaha, Illigal Opperation!!. It must have been made by microsoft!!".
    The guy was killed from heart attack though, because it was too realistic and his brain was zapped with tramma. Hell, I'll never wanna use virtual sex now..

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    I still have my 3d0 game system


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