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Thread: Blubster Anonymous?

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    I got this from

    "The way Blubster works is to use basic peer-to-peer structured software without a central server, running a private UDP transport protocol: The MP2P Protocol. This system allows a userís identity to remain private, which makes all the file-sharing process completely anonymous. Over 2 Years after its inception, MP2P has proven itself as a super-scalable and ultra-fast network."

    So is that true?? I can hardly believethat because I can see in my netlimiter to whom (IP) I am connected with when downloading.

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    But nevertheless, Blubster is really the best for music. It is so god damm fast!!! Got speeds of 400KB/s for one song yesterday.

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    I doubt its anonymous .. but gotta agree when you say its the best for music.
    Just a shame the clean version simply wont work for me

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    Originally posted by TRshady@22 March 2004 - 10:55
    I doubt its anonymous .. but gotta agree when you say its the best for music.
    Just a shame the clean version simply wont work for me
    Get the official client and clean it yourself with SpyBot and X-Cleaner free ( no install ) .Is still working after that and i'm using that version.

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    shareds stutters doing the round .. just told meh in another thread .. but hey, at least I'll remember now. X-cleaner? ... when you mention these rare titles .. slap us a link mateh.

    I wonder if anyone at all got the clean blubster working .. darn author has tricked us all.

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    You can find X-CLEANER FREE on my site on the security page ( scroll down) .For some peoples the Dr.Damn's cleaned Blubster is working, for others not.

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    namzuf9's Avatar Poster
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    The Armpit Of The Universe.
    I've using Dr. Damns cleaned client for a while now with no problems.
    XP SP1. 1800XP 256 SDRAM.

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    Cheers shared ...
    and wow fuzman ... we have exactly the same set up .. hows that for coincidence? B)
    Must be something else though ... maybe the intelligence of the user behind the monitor .. well, in front if you see it that way.

    Explains why it wont work for me or shared

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    The thing can't be explained ( X-FILES ? ) , what is strange and verified by myself is that if you install Blubster official, you clean all the crap then you uninstall it and install again the Clean Blubster by Dr.Damn is working!! I think that the Clean version has missing some library, dll, etc....

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    wow .. and you actually tried that? ... someones got time on thier hands ..
    so in other words, cleaning blubster, will in fact give you clean blubster .. but cleaned and not ready clean so requiring a bit more effort to get things spring clean.

    Schweet. B)

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