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Thread: Mirc Speed Question

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    Hi, I recently installed v6.14 (used to use 6.1) and I've noticed a drop in connection speeds. With v6.1 I could get around 300kb/s and now I'm getting around 50-165 kb/s. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how to max out my speeds? I think 6.14 is using another port (6667) than 6.1 did.

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    There is a good ( pinned ) tut in the mirc section, that tells you how to max it out try that, if you installed a new version all your settings will be default

    its the one about adv leeching

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    OK, thanks. When I installed the 6.14, I checked the option to keep my existing settings but it looks like something did get changed. I'll read the tut. Thanks again

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    could be server has become slower :|, my highest speed on mIRC was 310KB/s


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