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Thread: Am I Downloading

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    Im downloading a back up game, two files halo cd 1 and halo cd 2, only next to everyones name that im connecting with it say in brackets xxx.ass.worship or summat. And the other cd is all somthing in german next to the names in brackets. whats happeing!?

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    if you have first and last chunks try vlc to preview it. Use verified files next time, then you wont have to worry about these things... if they are fake, just enjoy cd1

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    I dont want to sound silly, but how do i enable verify thing? Im using overnet lite

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    you dont enable it. You have to go to an ed2k site and get the links to them. These sites can be found in the tips and tricks in this section. Usually almost fake free, but the odd one or two now and then are non-working or fake.

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    @dk_rare: halo is only 1 cd
    @thisiswhoweare: he is d/l a game not a video

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    Originally posted by rrtn@18 March 2004 - 21:45
    @dk_rare: halo is only 1 cd
    @thisiswhoweare: he is d/l a game not a video
    well if he got them from search results, then "xxx.ass.worship" doesnt sound like no game lol.

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    one cd, hmmmm. The pc version, right? Is there any website or something that says how many cds a game has, or how many mb a game iso should be?

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    Found this. Up to you if you wanna download it.


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