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Thread: 3d Studio Max 6

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    I had max 6 installed and running great.I did a system restore and lost the license .I installed it again and been trying to authorize it again and i keep it tells me that authorization was succsesful, it accepts the auth code but when i want to run it, I get a window with error [0.1.0020] and telling me i got 6 days left on the trial. Anyone has any suggestions, i tried everything, i think.Appreciate it.

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    there are prolly some registry entries still on your system. uninstall, find and remove registry entries from max using RegSeeker

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    Thanks for the advice. I did it, but i still get the same thing.I searched and delrted everything from the reg related to Max 6, i searched and deleted files that were still left, I get the same damn error. I don't wanna do a clean install, cause I gotr a lot of stuff on my hard drive. If u have any new ideas, please post. Thanx for the reply, quicksilver


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