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    i just got the hashed windows xp corp integrated sp1 BIN file. i also got the key from the NTF file or whatever. i'm trying to make a disk so i can install xp. in winiso, i converted to ISO and after saving i now have two files both labeled as "Cd Image". one is slightly smaller in size, i think the bigger one is the same size as the bin was. did i do everything right? which one do i burn? i'm using nero, btw. i'm not sure if these files or "Cd Images" are ready to burn. thxnadv.

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    If you want to burn the bin file you need the cue file ( is very small in size )
    If you converted to iso it should be ready to burn on a cd.
    Just startup nero and choose the "make a cd from image" option and locate the iso file.
    If it good it will give you no problems


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