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Thread: Just When I Thought I Was Out.....

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    I lasted a week :helpsmile:


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    samsmamasmasm is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    Jun 2003
    I'm an Even Steven with a
    Is that a good or a bad thing.

    Oh yeah wecolme back.

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    You still got goodbye in your sig as well !

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    Nov 2003

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    Hi Sam4. Welcome back. So MSN closing down did us some good.
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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    Originally posted by peerzyboy@18 March 2004 - 20:28
    You still got goodbye in your sig as well !

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    Sam says:
    i'm thinking of making a comeback tonight
    Sam says:
    James says:
    yeah make a comback
    I helped him recover from him recovering from the lounge! and he had this planned all along!!!

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    he also admits:

    Sam says:
    Apparently posted on there last night when I was hammered
    he us soooooooooooooo much he coul;dnt stay away.... or off the drink.... one of the two

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    only decided a bit ago - was getting wierd everyone referring to stuff on MSN I didn't have a clue about.

    Now I just got to try and limit myself so I can still do stuff IRL

    lmao - can't believe I only ended up lasting a week

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