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Thread: Netsky

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    Hmm, in my junk mail. There have been alot of emails with the netsky virus as an attachment in my junk mail, some I know of some I don't.
    Thanks to yahoo mail, I am protected from getting it through attachments, at least I think.

    It will say:

    Scan result: Virus "W32.Netsky.B@mm" found.
    You can not download this attachment. You have two options:
    1. Sign up for Yahoo! Mail Plus to get automatic cleaning of infected attachments. Learn more.
    (Note: Not all viruses can be cleaned.)
    2. Contact the message sender and request that they resend the attachment to you after cleaning it with anti-virus software.
    So far, the ones that have netsky the attachments are titled:

    The titles of the email will be something like:

    something for you

    How exactly does Netsky work?
    Well, two weeks ago, I did a current event on it, and I guess it will use the computers that it infects to spread the virus.

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