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Thread: Failed Downloads

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    Hope one you can help or knows whats happening. Since a few days ago all my downloads have been failing on completion. Have over 60gigs to spare anf can't figure out what the problem is. Please help

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    that 60gig is on the same partition that your "my shared folder" is at??

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    Have you upgraded to a new version of KL or moved your DAT files recently?

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    yep the 60gb is on the same partition as the Shared Folder. And yeah I both upgraded Klite and moved the DAT files. However even those downloads started after both of those are failing and many of them are small 3meg files.

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    Originally posted by flipflop77@19 March 2004 - 06:36
    And yeah I both upgraded Klite and moved the DAT files.
    There's your problem, the DAT files MUST be in the exact same location as before. Otherwise they might fail or delete themselves on download.

    As for new downloads failing, try completely uninstalling all versions of KL, emptying your DB folder, and reinstalling KL.


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