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Thread: Midi Converter

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    I'm new at this

    I need a good program if possible that will turn mp3s to midi

    and also if it's possible, can some one please tell whats a good programs to compress a mp3s, so the size will become smaller and i can still play it on my winamp.


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    an mp3 is a data music file. actual music.

    a midi file is a set of instructions to play a particular song on a synthesizer, PC, cell phone, etc. it is used to create music.

    like apples and oranges, 2 completely different things.

    try for more answers.

    /that's all i've got

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    Its is NOT possible to turn mp3 into midis (There are programs out there that say they can do it, but the quality is horrible. They can however change sounds of single instruments playing notes into midis, eg. Do Re Me, but don't expect them to convert music.)

    Meh, try this if ya want:
    Audio to Midi Converter

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    thanks any ways


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