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Thread: Norton Internet Secuirty 2004 Pro

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    Is it good?
    Heard it lags your internet?
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    Read the article at the site posted below....this may help you
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    Thanks .
    P4 2.4C / 1024M / R9600XT 128M / 80GB / 400W
    Peer-to-peer Programs...

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    I myself, use it and have been doing so since NIS2002. I have relatively few complaints over the software.

    It does create some lag. Especially in 2004 with the addition of the "productivity control" feature. But the benefit in this is that the feature does do what it claims it is supposed to by limiting users boundries on the internet. So far my son has had little if no success in straying to sites containing "inappropriate content".

    I have had absolutely zero pop-ups and spam within my mail box is nil. I have had no malicsious scripts running rampant, no trojans. I have not seen nor experienced any forms of spy/adware present.

    I am, what I would consider, the ordinary "joe-schmoe-internet-user". I do not use proxy services or additional hardware/router devices or have multiple consoles networked together. Just myself, one average Compaq home system, my DSL connection and the Internet Explorer6 browser. NIS2004Pro at it's default level settings, for me, is more than adequate in making me feel as though my system is protected and secure. How vulnerable it truely is- is a matter for individuals with I.T. backgrounds/careers to debate. For now, I am quite satisfied.

    Yet I do experience both some system and internet lag. Without NIS installed, XP used to completely logon/load for me within 10-15 seconds. Now I am roughly looking at two minutes. Depending upon the site I am currently browsing, it does take an extra second or two for pages to completely load. I My system is running a pentium4@1.7Ghz with 256mb of ram. I suspect that I could improve these times perhaps by adding more memory- I do not truely know. Either way, I intend to find out. I could use the extra power for the additional software I run anyway.

    There is good and bad, sure. However, I believe that as the average user I am, the good far exceeds the disadvantages of not using any sort of firewall/anti-virus protection at all given today's circumstances, IMO. If I thought it more practical and had the money to invest in good hardware to help protect my system- I would within a heartbeat. The arguements I have heard over such devices is too sound to ignore. So, it is my belief that until such an opportunity arises- NIS is the next best, ideal approach for my needs.

    So far as "flaws" and "vulnerabilities" within the software? What software doesn't? That is why I.T. and quality control departments exsist within large corporations in the first place. That is why software is tested and update services are present.

    PrOn sites, Gain nor even the dreaded Blaster virus ever crippled my system. And there is a reason for that. And it wasn't because I never exposed it (unintentionally or otherwise) to such things, believe me.


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