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Thread: A Good Online Virus Scan?

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    Using a friends laptop(modem connection, so it takes ages to do a search, sorry... I couldn't go back to using a 56k connection&#33 and I am trying to clean it up a bit.
    I found a few questionable processes and files and though i have added a firewall,run spybot and cleaned up some stuff, I would like to have a thorough scan done.

    so, any recommendations as to online Virus scans?

    Cheers, Wipe709

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    you do realize it would take forever to do an online scan on a 56k
    why don't you just download a AV

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    Online scanning does take a bit of time @ 56K, but it's not half as bad as you may think, muchspl.
    I'm stuck with dialup, but I still recommend Trend Micro's Housecall.
    I use it when I want a second opinion regarding virii.

  4. Internet, Programming and Graphics   -   #4 You will see Panda scan.

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    Download AVG ANTI-VIRUS VERSION 6 a small 3-5mb install file then run that every day/2 days. Never had a virus myself.

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    I also recommend using
    first...because if you do have a virus...installing an AV might not funtion properly, you could corupt the AV files
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