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Thread: Versions Of Kazaa Lite

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    what's the difference between Kazaa lite 2.43,2.44,2.6,KLR 0.0.6 & 0.0.7?
    more importantly where can a D/L them at?

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    go here for any version of klite

    2.4.3 was the last official version

    klr(kazaa lite resurrection) 2.5.0(.0.0.7) picked up where klite left off(since klite will not be made anymore) klr is basically 2.4.3 updated with more tools. both versions are based on kmd 2.0.2

    k-lite 2.6 is based on kmd2.6 and has the new features of kmd2.6 like magnet links and tabbed search and etc.

    there is also a klite 2.4.4 packed by dg_mortal which is also like klr 2.5.0

    go to the link i gave you look under fasttrack you will find more info and links and instructions for download there

    at the end just try klr2.5.0 or k-lite2.6 rc19(test build) and see which one you like best


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