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Thread: K-dat- Need Explantion On Some Features

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    when I open the delete option in K-dat for a dat file

    apart from other things these informatiion are displayed:

    File ID , Group, Retry. What do they mean?

    Can they be used to speed up downloads(say like deleting not stored sources)?

    I also see some sources with just source name but file name and url not stored?

    Does this mean these sources are fake?


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    FileID - Very important, do not change this. In case you are adding a new source, then you can set this to any value.

    Group - Mostly unknown parameter, leave it to the default value.

    Retry - Again, an unknown parameter. Leave it to the default value.

    The unknown parameters are so called because the function of these variables are still unknown. The effect on changing them toi a value other than the default can have adverse effects due to this uncertainty. The would not affect download speeds in most cases.

    If you find a source without a filename or url stored, thats just fine. Kazaa is in the process of querying the source, and will update the parameters accordingly on the next successful query, or delete the source on a failed query. Thgis _does not_ mean that the sources are fake!


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