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Thread: Help Me With Tmpeg

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    how r u? cld u tell me right i try to turn avi film ive download to mpg. when i do it it only does film it doesnt do sound ive also tryed only doin sound i get nothing!

    ne 1 help!!



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    i'm ok

    As long as you have the codecs installed mate

    go to file at the top of tmpg,environmental settings ,plugins ,increase the direct show to 2 or fiddle abit.


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    hi again,

    thank you very much for your help. Im still a bit stuck though i dont have the option u said on enirmental settings i have general, cpu, sound, audio engine and vfapi plugin i looked through the option and i got a bit stuck! :helpsmile:

    what kind of programs should i have im not sure if i have the appropreat ones!!

    once again thanks

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    just read this should help you out

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    i think my problem is that i need something that allows like audio like a codec! do you guys know of anything i look at the website and it gets me confused

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    i had exactly the same problem as you and never got to solve it, so i used another encoder called acp, all the answers you need are in the above three links, and there are even more links in them with tutorials. i dont think you will get the answer on how to encode the audio in tmpg, because i have and many others have asked before you. if you do get the answer on how to encode the audio let me know. just a piece of advice - acp encodes the video and audio for you at the same time. i havent burnt the encoded product as yet to try it out on a dvd player but when i play it through one of my media players its all there, whereas the movie i encoded through tmpg had no audio just like you!!!

    EDIT: if you need your codecs click below for the mega codec pack or whatever you want

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    theres loads of links which one is the acp one?


    if you cld give me the url


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    sorry ck, i dont understand that mark stuuf??

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    It dosnt mean alot mask,just my name


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