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Thread: Really Annoying Problem

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    I have a really annoying problem with the webspace that is provided for free with my ISP NTL (in the UK). I have uploaded a completely new version of my homepage to their server, yet it still shows my old page from last year, whenever I visit the weblink to my site.
    This problem didn't happen in the past, it only started happening a few days ago.
    It happens, even though I delete my entire cache and history.

    Can you please go to the page and tell me what you see. If you see a yellow page, then that's bad, as it's my old site.
    If you see a pink page, then that's my new page and I will be happy.
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    yay it's pink.

    Looks good.

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    Originally posted by shn@19 March 2004 - 19:42
    yay it's pink.

    Looks good.
    Good. I trust you then !

    Funilly enough, it still shows the old yellow one on my computer.

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    It's pink here..

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    Yes, I've just solved the problem now.
    I realised I have to do a "hard refresh" by pressing the CTRL key as I press the Reload button on my browser, and then I see the new site.

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    I was gonna' suggest you clean out your cache, but... now I won't!


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