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Thread: I Am Having A Problem......

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    OKay, I d/l the X2 - X-Men United files called:


    Then, when I try to play it, it says "codec error" and only plays the movie with no sound. I am a newbie to all this, so what do I have to d/l to get it to play the sounds? :helpsmile: I would appreciate feedback. Thanks!


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    What you need my friend is to uninstall codecs that u already have
    and replace it with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack which you can find at

    and that should solve your problem.

    (and since ur a new to all this...when u get to the option to intall it will ask u for type of intallation you want
    playback, or
    You probably wanna choose playback to keep it short, sweet and simple.

    enjoy the film.

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    Hey Thanks man! Well, now I have a new problem. I can hear the sound, but it is really faint. I turned up my speakers all the way and can still barely hear it. Any suggestions on how to cure this problem?

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    hmmm..thats a new one for me..u might wanna post this issue on a seperate topic. it could be complicated and im no expert.

    try fiddleing around with the audio codec setup dealing with AC3 codec or reinstall the the AC3 codec seperatly..coz i think thats wots causing the trouble here. tiny chance its probably been curupted during the installation. but i might be wrong...
    check that ur audio wire hasnt come loose ..that happens to me sometimes.
    maybe the file itself is currupt. personally i dont really trust sharereactor stuff. thre quality is not alwasy that great from what ive seen.

    good luck


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