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Thread: Mic Issue Plz Help

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    hi, i bought a headset today and plug it in to play cs but the problem soon as i plug it in...the mic picks up everything and play it throught the headset. it works great in cs but its annoying that the mic is playing back everythin from my breathing to the sound of the keyboard to the clicking of the mouse. i have win2000 and i have turn "voice_loopback" off...even after i exit out of cs and onto my desktop, the mic continue to pick up every single noise there is. help?

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    Double-click the volume icon in the task bar to open the volume controls. You can also open them through the control panel, but where you go depends on your version of Windows.
    Click the box marked Mute in the Mike section. You may need to add panels to the view from the properties item on the File menu.
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