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Thread: Splinter Cell

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    is anyone going to get the new game. I tried the sp demo and it is really good! I can't wait for the mp demo. SP PT looks really good in mp and i would advise everyone to check out the videos ubi.

    I CAN'T WAIT!!

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    what kind of mp is it? like coop completing missions. or deathmatch ut type of mp?

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    Oh man I can't wait for this game to come out for Xbox. The MP is going to be awesome.

    The MP (for Xbox anyway) goes like this:
    Originally posted by Me. I typed it all lol.
    Spies versus Mercenaries via Xbox Live or System Link (no split-screen). The Spies play Sam Fisher style, i.e. from the third-person perspective, complete with the ability to crawl around in ventilation shafts and air ducts. They can't exactly kill the first-person perspective Mercs; they can typically only stun them and run away. The Spies can, however, eliminate a Merc in one of two ways: sneaking up behind them and grabbing them (remember, the Mercs are in first-person) or by dropping down on top of them.

    In the former scenario, grabbing a Merc completely immobilizes him, leaving the Spy to drag him around and then knock him out once he's done with him. With your Xbox Live Communicator, you can even talk to your captive when you've got your arm around his neck! (Sweet&#33

    On the Mercenary side, killing is not only possible, it's required. Armed with an automatic rifle with a sniper scope, they can shoot to kill. Using stick mines, they can blow up their spy foes. They've also got a gun-mounted flashlight and sweet motion detector vision mode.

    So Mercs can kill, but they can't climb on top of crates, up fences, or through ventilation ducts.
    Can't wait!


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