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Thread: Where To Start

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    hey all. Im kinda new at all thsi movie downloadin stuff so could anyone point me towards some guides that will be most helpful(other than the pinned)

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    you could check the bittorent, mirc section

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    Thanks, but I guess I wasn't specific enough. I was refering to how to play certain files. I know there is something about having to unzip different files in order to play some movies or full dvds. Anyone help with this one?

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    tell us your specific problem. try downloading Video LAN (google), it plays pretty much any file type (encoded ones too) because it has it's own built in codecs. download the xvid/divx codecs (google) and for dvd's try powerdvd (kazaa, or other software download places like bittorrent). sometimes when you download dvd movies you need to burn them or mount them, instead of wasting a DVD-R/W (or plain and simple if you don't have a DVD-R drive), download Daemon Tools (google) and mount the DVD image onto it and play with powerdvd or your favourite dvd player software. if you want a more detailed step by step daemon tools guide, pm me. please be specific so we can help you (help us help you )
    hope that helped a little.

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    Thanks Cpt. that post helped alot. I already have Daemon Tools so thats good. I will download Video Lan and the codecs. I wasn't really refering to a specific problem just somewhere to start.


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