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Thread: Putting Downloaded Movies Onto Dvd+r

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    Im trying to put my downloaded movies onto dvdr, but cant seem to get them to fit, ive followed all the guides on this site but somethings always wrong, ive dvd decrypter. dvd shrink, nero all the stuff i need, but for the life of me i cannot do it,

    Anybody out there help
    anything will do

    p.s. ive followed the guide from adster before you ask if ive bothered to search but i need some other ideas please.. :guinesssmile:
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    convert to dvd here

    then burn with nero other then that i don't know what to tell you boss you can always visit the mother of all info when it comes to burning at dvd help , just click here

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    this product could probally do it fo you it is called"ulead dvd moviefactory 2" it worked for me it automaticly can fit any movies depending on quality settings give it a try.a other good choice is" neodvd plus 5" works the same way it will fit any movie in to a dvd depending agin on the quality setting.a other product that is very good is" tmpgenc dvd author" if you used in a combination with the "tmpgenc 2.5 plus"(encoder) you will get great results with your movies.


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