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Thread: Can You Play .bin And .cue Files In A Dvd Player?

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    I was searching for passion of the Christ in kazaa and then i saw Passion log 1.BIN

    So i was wondering if it is a fake and how do you make it work if it is real....


    P.S. Is there a real version of Passion of the Christ with subtitles on kazaa or BT?


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    i can't vouch for that file, but most like likely if it's a movie in a bin/cue set, the simple answer is "yes, it should be compatible with your player" because people tend to put vcds in those.

    the format of a bin/cue set is not a 100% definite indicator of what the content is, because a bin/cue is basically just a soft representation of a CD or DVD. if you "mount" the bin/cue (to create a virtual disc on your hard drive which for all intents & purposes appears to be a CD or DVD-Rom) or burn it onto a recordable disc (start up just about any respectable burning program, click "burn image" and select the cue file), you'll be able to see what's actually contained in the bin.

    it's common practice to distribute VCDs in bin/cue sets, though, so it will probably be compatible with your dvd player as long as your player is designed to play the VCD format and play recordable discs..

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    Is it possible to view .bin files while they are in the downloading process like you can in Kazaa and Shareaza

    my situation is this:
    im d/loadng a torrent file using ABC_Client.
    but the files are in .bin .cue .nfo. format. not .avi like i expected.
    How can i view these files during download (like in kazaa/shareaza)?

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    i have videolan already.. VLC 0.7.0 latest version i think.

    but it didnt open it..
    So far i have 15MB d/loaded out of 700MB.
    That should be enough to view it right?

    Are u definite VLC can preview files that have a .bin extention?
    for example:

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    yes u can m8

    download nero
    and then burn it as a image it will pick it up as a VCD

    worked for me

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    but it has not been completely downloaded yet..will nero allow me to burn a partially completed file?
    i dont think u understand. i only want to view what has been partially downloaded.
    so why the heck dosnt my VLC work?

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    Its unlikely they'll be fake from bt so i would'nt worry ,just let it finish mate.

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    VLC oughta work, when you get a bit more of the file. just let it download for a while, and try again later.

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    Hey mate,

    I'm still waitin' for your opinion a tv card.

    J'kin' mate ,

    i'll get one built on my next g/fx card.

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