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Thread: My Great Plugin

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    ok here's what i got....

    <object classid="clsidA3EE642-F1BD-4B59-BA6E-D508AE481CC7" codebase="" width="304" height="138" id="ActivePrj">
    how do i make it prompt the user to get a plugin, its a little hello world ocx i done in delphi to test... it shall be a delphi<->flash uber project if you can guess what it is...

    that plugin throws a "activex disabled security bla bla" on machines its not registered, does it need a cert or sumink? :helpsmile:
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    seen as i just posted like 90% of the first page up with help, howzaboot you send me some info

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    Delphi and Flash? Good luck in alienating all your visitors...

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    yey thanks man&#33; i done it now anyway&#33; good luck advancing web technologies
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